The Big Draw A Citywide Art Celebration Pleasanton, California

SAMSUNGIt was definitely hot today, but it didn’t stop people from coming to the downtown Pleasanton Chalk Art festival!  There were middle school age and older artists there  creating, what I call ” funtastic” street chalk art.  I hadn’t been to a festival in years, so this was a great experience for me.   There were pianos available for playing, kids and family chalk walk, folkloric and Chinese dance troupes, as well as slam poetry.

The best part was, I witnessed something nice today.   There was an artist working diligently on her knees.  A woman walked up to the artist and asked “can I offer you something to drink?  You’ve been out here for hours on your knees, and working so hard.”  She handed the artist a cup of iced milk tea.   Now that’s refreshing to see!  A small act of kindness, but it gave me a communal feeling about the festival.  I really encourage people to participate and support these community-building festivals!  Besides: music, art, sun, and family-fun!  What’s not to love?



Things I Would Tell My Pre-MBA Self


As the end (of my MBA) program is nearing… Here are 15 things I picked up along the way:

  1. Keep communication constant with classmates and professors.
  2. Practice active listening, you will pick up on important information that you didn’t hear.
  3. Learn basic MS Excel. This will help you immensely with projects and math courses.
  4. Find a “good seat” next to someone you can potentially work with, and secretly claim it by sitting in the same spot every day.
  5. Respect others; you will meet people from different walks of life.
  6. Time management:  Don’t wait until the night before, you will be sleep deprived. Not a good look.
  7. There are times when you may want to pull your hair out; but keep calm and stay positive!
  8. If you are not going to lead, at least, be a responsible individual.
  9. Organize yourself by creating a master schedule of all class assignments for each quarter or semester.
  10. Work in small groups.

“The more people are involved in a given task, the more potential agreements need to be negotiated to do anything, and the greater the transaction costs.” – Clay Shirky

  1. Break out of your comfort zone and take on different tasks.
  2. Find a friend to laugh with for when the going gets tough.
  3. If you don’t drink coffee now, you may start…
  4. If you want a recommendation letter, make sure the professor knows who you are.
  5. Working with others can be frustrating but don’t take it to the heart, you’re only sharing a classroom with them.

“Seven days without laughter make one weak.” – Unknown

Boston Bombing and Technology

Woman's Eye and World GlobesAs the Boston bombing catastrophe unfolds, and cell phone service becoming congested, people desperately turned to technology to get information, and make contact with their family and friends. This shift is called digital primacy, where the change in the culture of wired individuals who turn first to digital channels for communication, information, and entertainment.  Technology will not just shape the way we receive news and information, it is shaping the way we communicate with authorities and those around us in times of need.

With technology being a prominent feature in today’s world; news travels in a matter of seconds from almost everywhere in the world.  In the future, I hope technology will continue to help shape our communication and bring us together, not just when disaster strikes.

What I Use Social Media For?

It’s obvious, social media is rapidly transforming our world and culture.  As a master of business administration (MBA) student, I use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Google Chat to connect, share and communicate with my cohort.  I also use social media to interact with professors about class-related subjects.  In a world where connections are important, social media offers plenty of opportunities for interactivity and sharing of information.  Social media enhanced my sense of internet presence, which is rather important, especially in a world where online engagement is becoming more important for businesses today.

Belonging to social media platforms is becoming increasingly popular because it is a form of inclusion, communication, and connections with others.  Social media enhanced my social capital by expanding my network of contacts regardless of distance or circumstances.  It has also improved my civic engagement to volunteering and fundraising to help the needy.  However, I feel that it did not improve my civic engagement in political participation, donating money to candidates or working for political campaigns. This is probably due to the fact that I have zero interest in politics.